Various cold formed parts are made from wire diameter 0.2 up to 6.0 mm. Wireforms are made from spring steel wire according to EN10270-1 and EN10270-2 norms, stainless steel wire according to EN10270-3 norm, as well as other types of material specified in your documantation and drawings. Wireforms also include fasteners, hooks, rings, split pins etc.

Our technology allows us to produce nearly any shape of wireform. Depending on the required shape, size and volume we use either general-purpose bending machines with no need of special tools, or bending and press machines with the tool specifically designed for the product (this way of production requires initial investment in the tooling, but the production itself is then quicker and cheaper - it is therefore suitable for large volumes).

As well as for other products, wireforms can be protected by one of many types of surface treatment, and packaged according to your requirements.

Most of our customers require wireforms to be produced according their own drawing and specification, but we are also able to help you to propose and calculate optimal characteristics and shape of the spring in order to meet your application needs.

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delta MKS surface treatment

We also offer you a whole range of spring surface treatments according to requirements for corrosion resistance or aesthetic properties.

heat treatment

We perform two types of heat treatment of our products: hardening and tempering.

raw material used

In addition to standard spring materials, we also use materials with special composition or mechanical properties upon request.