ceiling system

Suspended ceiling systems are used to reduce interior ceilings and create drywall partition walls.

Unlike other springs, which are almost exclusively manufactured according to customer drawings, suspension systems represent a complete catalog range, which by its composition suits the building systems of such reputable suppliers, such as. Knauf or Rigips.

Our components are certified for use in suspended ceilings, where load-bearing capacity is required to ensure safety in building interiors. Based on product testing according to STN EN 13 964, we provide the CE Declaration of Conformity.

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We use modern high-speed presses for the production of components for suspension systems. More complex elements are assembled and delivered in a ready-to-use state directly on site.

Our components are made either directly from galvanized material or untreated soft spring material with subsequent hardening, tempering and surface treatment, which is most often Delta-Tone, zinc or phosphate.

Catalog of the most used products

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delta MKS surface treatment

We also offer you a whole range of spring surface treatments according to requirements for corrosion resistance or aesthetic properties.

heat treatment

We perform two types of heat treatment of our products: hardening and tempering.

raw material used

In addition to standard spring materials, we also use materials with special composition or mechanical properties upon request.