heat treatment

We perform two kinds of heat treatment of our products - hardening and stress relieving.

Hardening increases the strength and hardness of products made from "soft" materials, typically steel strip shaped parts. For large volumes of hardening we use automatic hardening and tempering line, its capacity is complemented by smaller continuous hardening furnaces from Safed company with subsequent tempering on separate shaft tempering furnaces. All furnaces harden to oil in a protective endo atmosphere.

Stress relieving releases internal stresses caused by material shaping - in this case, it is typically wound compression, tension and torsion springs. For some demanding products, instant continuous stress relieving is required immediately after shaping process so that the time between winding and stress relieving is the same for all pieces. For these cases we use portable continuous furnaces located directly at the spring making machine. Other products are processed in batch furnaces.

All our heat treatment plants have precise control of all process parameters to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications.